Saturday, December 15, 2012

A Peace that Passeth All Understanding

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I can't begin to imagine what the families in Connecticut are going through.

I know what I went through yesterday which doesn't even begin to compare. I felt a little more threatened as our family went to the polar express last night. It crossed my mind more than once that someone could verily easily pull out a gun there in the midst of hundreds of people and shoot many of us.
I also felt a lot more thankful for my two girls. As soon as I heard it on the radio I walked back into the room where they were and tears filled my eyes.
As I got up this morning and continued to hear and read about this sad situation I realized two things:
  1. We can't control those around us or even what they do to our children.  We also can't constantly live in fear of what others around us may do.
  3. We can control our actions. We can help prepare our children and give them a sense of hope even in the midst of the darkest situation.
We aren't promised tomorrow. What happened yesterday could happen at any school, mall, sporting or Christmas event right around us.
As these shots were fired I imagine the children (and teachers) were terrified.  However, I also imagine some of them had a deeper peace as they just went to sleep in the arms of Jesus. Those that had a Mom, Dad, gradmother, grandad or someone else that had taken them to church. Those that had a loved one share the good news about the Christ child born many years ago. Those that had accepted the greatest gift ever given-Jesus.
While we all are still celebrating Christmas in a broken world they are experiencing complete peace, joy, hope and love.
No-we can't protect our children from everything and everyone. Some things are just out of our hands. But let me tell you what we can do-we can help lead them to the one who can.
They ultimately have to make that decision on their own but how much easier will it be for them to see Christ if we are living a life where He can be seen?   How much easier will it be for them to face even the most difficult situations knowing Christ is on their side?
So I ask: If your child was in that position would he/she have peace and a greater hope? Have you done everything possible to ensure they do?
If not it's the perfect time to start and share the story of Christmas and how it all began. Instead of rushing around searching for a perfect toy, lead them to a gift that will last an eternity.  And I encourage you not just through this Christmas season or through this time of mourning for those in Connecticut but make it a lifetime commitment. Christ came to this world to die for us the least we can do is live for Him.
And in living for Him we can help pass onto our kids a peace that passeth all understanding.