Monday, September 23, 2013

LOTW: B is for Butterfly and C is for Caterpillar

Ok - so I'm a little behind blogging on our 3k but in real life we are keeping up and that's what's important, right??!!  We're about to start week 6 on the letter F but here's a little recap on weeks 2 and 3. (In case you missed my first post, unless otherwise linked we are using the Letter of the Curriculum.)

Week Two:
 Letter:  B is for Butterflies
 Number: 2
 Shape:  Triangle

 Table Time:

-placed cubes on and laced our "B" lacing cards.

-Butterfly Coloring Page

-Made a "B" collage with buttons



 -Butterfly Cut & Paste

-Butterfly Pre-Writing

 -Butterfly cutting practice

-Practiced the number 2 with shaving cream and then our marker boards using the rhyme "Around and back on the railroad track." They LOVED this one!

- Made triangles using popsicle sticks

 Tray Time:
-Letter "B" do-a-dot

-Alpha Pattern Blocks
 -Big B little b sort

 -Butterfly Magnetic Page

-Butterfly Counting Practice - we used beans as counters

 -Butterfly Letter Match

Brownies, Bananas,


Days of the Week
If I were a Butterfly

Starfall ABC App-Letter "B"
Elmo ABC App-Letter "B"

Also, played with balloons, balls, bubbles, and babies.

 Field Trip:  This really had nothing to do with the letter b or anything we'd studied but since summer was coming to a close we went to the splash pad one more time!

For more letter B activities check out my B is for Big Boat post.

Week Three:

 Letter:  C is for Caterpillars
 Number: 3
 Shape:  Star

 Table Time:

-placed cubes on and laced our "C" lacing cards.

- Caterpillar Coloring Page

-Made a "C" collage with cotton balls

 -Caterpillar Cut & Paste

-Caterpillar Pre-Writing

 -Practiced the number 3 with play-dough and then our marker boards using the rhyme "Around the tree, Around the tree, that's the way to make a 3!"

 Tray Time:
-Letter "C" do-a-dot & Magnetic pages

-Alpha Pattern Blocks
 -Very Hungry Caterpillar Tray - book, sequencing activity

 -Caterpillar Counting Practice- we used coins as counters

- Caterpillar Graphing

 -Caterpillar Letter Match

Cookies, cupcakes


We mostly focused on these three this week:

The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle
Corduroy by Don Freeman
Chicka Chicka 1-2-3 by Bill Martin, Jr.

Days of the Week
If I were a Butterfly

Starfall ABC App-Letter "C"
Elmo ABC App-Letter "C"

Also, played cars using a letter C for our road.

 Field Trip:  We went to a local camp and had cupcakes!

 For more letter C activities check out my previous post- Tot School:  C is for Colorful Coat.


Thursday, September 19, 2013

My Marriage is a Cliche

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Wow-  how fast a decade goes by!!!  I can't believe 10 years ago today was my wedding day. I've always heard the cliché:

"I love my spouse more today than when I married them."
And today as I reflect back over our marriage that is exactly how I feel.  We've been so many places together (Louisiana, Texas, Hawaii, Missouri, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Florida, Cancun, and Tennessee) and went through so much together-4 homes/moves, deaths of close grandparents, and births of our two girls-to name a few.  Everything we've been through has brought us closer together and made me fall even more in love with the man I married.  I supported him while he lived out his career for awhile and now he has made my dream come true of being a stay-at-home Mom.

Sure, we've had our disagreements (and there was that one time I locked him out of the house :) but I can honestly say I've never wanted out of our marriage.  Others may say communication is the key to marriage, I say it's commitment.

Even as I sit here typing this I'm at the place where:

  • We first met
  • First kissed
  • Broke up - he told me we would get back together because God had already let him know I was the one he was going to marry-which of course, just made me even madder!
  • He proposed
Now here we are with our two girls and another little one on the way in the same place...

I love looking back and seeing how God has written our love story!! The song sung at our wedding was "I Could Not Ask For More" and that has fit our marriage.  Especially now looking back,  I know that in a husband and in a marriage - I couldn't ask for more.

Using that song, I've put together a little video of just a few moments from the past ten years.  I literally did this in a couple hours with the pictures I had on hand and there's a typo or two (Yikes!) but I thought I'd share it anyway.  I'm looking forward to seeing what the next 10 years hold- including the birth of our son!

Monday, September 2, 2013

A is for Apple

Our first week of 3K was a success!  They've grown so much from our first year of Tot School to now. 

We are using LOTW from Confessions of a Homeschooler and unless otherwise noted or linked that is where we got our activities.  We learned about the letter "A", number 1 and circle.  Here's some of the things we did:

Table Time:

  • Placed cubes on and laced our "A" lacing cards.
  • Apple Coloring Page
  • Made an "A" collage with apple stickers
  • Apple Cut & Paste
  • Apple Pre-Writing
  • Traced circles and colored red
  • Big A, little a sort
  • Apple cutting practice
  • Practiced the number 1 with play-doh and our marker boards using the rhyme "A line straight down and then you're done. That's how you make the  #1."
  • Made circles with cups

Tray Time:

  • Letter "A" do-a-dot
    Tray Time - "Miss Priss" working on Alpha Pattern Blocks and "Sour Patch" working on Dot Pages.  "Sunshine" right there with them :)
  • Alpha Pattern Blocks
    One of her favorite trays. 
  • Apple Magnetic Page
    They both loved the magnet pages.  We used these power magnets.
  • Apple Counting Practice- We just used counting chips on the apples.
  • Apple Letter Match

  applesauce, apples, made apple pies

Making our apple pies


Days of the Week
Monkey and the Alligator by Dr. Jean

Starfall ABC App-Letter "A"
Elmo ABC App-Letter "A"

 We also did puzzles and a scavenger hunt around the room for letter As, circles and ones.

Field Trip:

The plan was to take apple pies to their great-grandparents. However, the apple pies weren't quite done in the middle so we left them and just went for a visit. When we got there my grandmother (their great-grandmother) was canning apples so not only did they get to see her canning them but of course they ate a few more too!

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Activities check out some of my other blogs:

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"Every thought is a seed.  If you plant crab apples, don't count on harvesting Golden Delicious."
Bill Meyer