Saturday, December 31, 2016

Redeemed: HIStory for My Life Famiy/Children Resource File

Wow-I'm so excited so many of you are joining us this upcoming New Year for our Redeemed Bible study! 
I'm also excited because I just learned how to actually include a file link so you can download straight from my blog!  Whoo Hoo!  So now for a little bonus...some family/children resources if you'd like to include the whole family in the study!  To download, simply click on the caption under the picture.
Family/Children Resource File

Over Advent, our family did Christ-Centered Christmas by Vibrant Family.  The format and flexibility worked wonderfully for our family!  Therefore, I decided to create some of the same resources for this study. 

Each night one of our kids will pull down a scripture tag.  We will read the scripture, discuss, and pray.  Then depending on the time and/or scripture, we will choose a way to respond to the scripture.  Sometimes it's simply discussion and prayer.  Other times, we may write it on a scripture card, do a coloring sheet, a Scripture and a Picture sheet, or my oldest may even do a SOAP sheet.   We make this a fun time – sometimes including snacks and hot chocolate!  It can take as little as 10 minutes or as much as an hour depending on the time we have and what we choose to do!  In this file you will find the following:

  • 30 Day Scripture Countdown-A title graphic and 30 tags to create a scripture countdown for your family.  Simply print the books and the scripture pages, cut out, and then staple the books on top of the corresponding day of scripture.  You can use these anyway that works for your family!  You can take these tags and hang them on twine across a mantle or wall.  We have an old window with chicken wire stapled on top and I use small clothespins to hang them on.  Each night one of the kids pulls down our tag for that day and we read the scripture together and discuss as a family. 
  • Scripture Cards – A couple cards for you (or your children) to write down key verses.  For my younger ones, I will write out the verse and they trace with a hi-lighter or crayons.  These are great to stick around the house and recall the verse all week!
  • Links to Coloring Pages Links to free coloring pages we will be using during this study.
  • Scripture & A Picture Sheet- This is the first thing I start using with my kids for them to respond to scripture.  Super easy and I think the name explains itself!  They write the scripture at the bottom (again you can write and they can trace over it, if needed.)  Then draw a picture showing what they think the scripture means.

I hope your family enjoys these resources as much as we have and they draw you closer to each other and more importantly to God!   If you have any questions, suggestions or comments – I’d love to hear them!

Keep seeking Him first!

~ Anna

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