Sunday, February 19, 2017

Valentine's Day/100 Day of School

This week we celebrated both Valentine's Day and 100 Days of School!  We kicked off the week with Valentine's Day.  We'd actually did a few activities and trays last week. 

Ladybug and Taz did a tray where they sorted candy hearts by colors and then counted them.  We discussed which color had the least, most, etc.  With Miss Priss we worked on poetry and she wrote her first little poem.  She also graphed candy hearts.  I have to admit Valentine's Day seems to fall a little short when it comes to great books but we read several, including my favorite:  The Biggest Valentine Ever

So come Tuesday, Valentine's Day, we just kept it pretty simple.  (Of course!)  As I've mentioned before, we like to create a special meal on Valentine's Day.   We started the day by making a Valentine Trifle for our Valentine meal.  It's easy, basically just layering so great to do with kids.
Taz adding in a layer of whipped cream.

Look Mom, we're pretending like it's snow!
That is unless you leave the cool whip container out and they decide to play in the "snow".  (Side Note: We were studying snow the week before and had a sensory bin of shaving cream and baking soda which looked very similar to cool whip and I had been allowing them to play in it.)

It wouldn't be Valentine's Day without cards, so we made those next.  I found this
Polka Dot heart card from A Thrifty Mom.  The first couple went well but then they decided to venture off and just do their own thing and that was alright too! 

About half way through making our cards, Taz started to say he wanted me because his head was hurting.  He proceeded to just lay it down on the table and sit very still which is SO not him!  Sure enough, he had a fever.  When he's sick he just wants to be held.  (Is it terrible, that I sometimes like it when he's a little sick, so I get extra cuddle time and less cleaning up messes????) 

That kind of put a damper on anything else I had planned.  Instead, I went upstairs and watched Paw Patrol with him while the girls finished up their cards.  He fell asleep after about 30 minutes and I knew we just had a little time to finish preparing for our Valentine Day!   The day before after piano lesson, I had let the girls go in Dollar Tree and pick up a few decorations.  So for a grand total of $7 we were ready to decorate!  They decided they wanted the meal to be in their playhouse.  Since we hadn't been out there much this winter, it first had to be cleaned up a little.  So the girls started cleaning while I started pulling out the decorations we were going to use.  Then we all set the table together, added some candles in the windows, an electric fireplace, and we finished just a few minutes to spare before Taz woke back up! 

About an hour before Daddy got home, the girls started getting ready as they wanted to wear their princess dresses and make up.  I had planned on dressing up a little too, a shower at least would have been awesome!  But with Taz not feeling well - that didn't happen!  That's ok though!  Dinner was just as good in a t-shirt with juice spilled down it!

Fortunately by Friday everyone felt well for our 100th Day of School celebration and we even invited GiGi over for the fun.  She was a little offended and wondering if the kids thought she was 100, but joined right in with us!  Here's a few pictures from the day:

100th Day Breakfast




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