Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Most Important Job I'll Ever Have-Part Two

On one hand, I could continue working and we would be financially secure.  Without really having to worry much about money.  We'd be able to go on vacations, finish up the house exactly as we'd planned, maybe even purchase a boat, etc.  However, that also meant "Miss Priss" would have to go in a daycare.  Something neither of us wanted.

On the other hand, I could quit and stay home with her but even IF we could do it financially there'd have to be a lot of sacrifices!  Finances were the biggest part of our decision but it wasn't the only factor.  I also LOVED my job.  I was teaching the grade I'd always wanted to teach with a wonderful group of Christian friends. It was a challenging job where I honestly felt like I made a difference everyday.  It wasn't an easy thing to give up. 

We spent the next few weeks trying budget after budget to see if it was possible, weighing all of our options.  To be honest on paper it didn't look possible to live on the one salary.  However, after much praying we still felt like that was what God wanted us to do as parents and with God all things are possible!  We both knew if that was the direction God was leading then we'd better follow!

So I quit my job.  Even now, almost 2 years later, as I sit writing this in the doctor's office waiting for a check-up on our next little blessing, I can honestly say I've not regretted that decision a single day. 

We still have more "stuff" than I know what to do with and I soon realized that even a family vacation wasn't what my children needed the most.  What they need the most is me and time spent at home giving them a stable, secure and happy childhood. 

My husband asked me this year what I wanted from him for Christmas and I told him nothing-he gives me my gift everyday when he goes to work so that I can stay home with "Miss Priss".  He laughed and said, "Seriously, what do you want?"  But I honestly meant it (although he still got me a little something).  I feel so blessed to be able to have the job of being a full-time Mommy.  In doing so, I truly "have it all".  To be here every step of the way guiding a precious little girl is scary and challenging but to me this is the most important job I'll ever have and because of that it deserves all of me!
"The best thing to spend on your children is time."

                                                            - Louise Hart


  1. I love it! Thanks for sharing your story. I've been able to stay home for almost 7 years, but it's through nothing we've done- it's all because of the Lord. He has made (and continues to make) a way when I don't even think it's possible. Mom's need to be home! I pray that this will touch other mom's and they will put their trust in God & not worry about money! He will always make a way. We need to be home spending all the time we can with our children, because one day they will be grown!

  2. So true Abby! Such a blessing that you've been able to stay home that long and are still at home. I've come to realize that the more we make then the more we spend! We really can live (and I'd even say live happier) on less! Hope y'all are having a good week!