Monday, March 26, 2012

31 Days to Clean: Maintaining by Planning

This week (Days 21-25) the Mary tasks are all about planning and organizing your home.  To me the actual cleaning is not the difficult part of managing a home-it's keeping it that way!   A major key to that includes planning and organizing. The first time I did 31 days I made a detailed cleaning plan in which I never used. I'm talking about it didn't even last 2 days!! 

However, there are 2 things I wanted to share that have really helped me in managing our home:  a simplified cleaning schedule and my Home Managment Binder.

Simple Cleaning Schedule 

After my detailed cleaning schedule being a total flop; I realized I needed something simpler and more flexible.  I ran across Courtney's (Women Living Well) schedule and liked it so I modified it a bit for me.  I've been using it for about 3-4 months and so far it works great!

Monday-laundry. This is not the ONLY day I do laundry but I do make sure it's all caught up, folded and put away.
Tuesday-toilets and tubs (bathroom)
Wednesday-whatever day!  Catch up/get ahead or maybe something else that's not necessarily on my weekly schedule but needs attention!
Thursday-Dust/clean kitchen

Friday-Floors. I sweep all floors and mop our living room and kitchen every week. Then I alternate mopping the spare rooms and bathrooms and our bedroom/bathroom every other week.

Home Management Binder 

A Home Managment Binder is simply a binder you use to keep important information, schedules, and lists that help you manage your home.  There are ALL sorts of schedules and lists you can print out to include in this.  (Simply google Home Managment Binder or Home Managment Binder Printables).  You can even buy books to teach you how to construct one. 

I did not make one of these the first time I did 31 Days.  However, after utilizing my Untangling Christmas Planner I realized how much simpler it was having everything organized in one spot right at my fingertips!  It helped so much through Christmas that I was lost without it at the first of the year! So I simply took another binder, some pocket tabs, a zipper pouch, monthly calendars (I print off 3 each month), sheet protectors and some notebook paper.  Then I customized a notebook that works for me.  I have good intentions of decorating the outside and making it a little more attractive but I have yet to get that far! 

In the very front I have a zipper pouch in which I keep any important loose items.  For example, right now mine has a few receipts I needed to keep and some doctor appt slips.   Then I have the binder divided into sections using my pocket tabs.  Here's an outline of my tabs and what I included in mine:
  1. Schedules (1st Tab)
    1. Family calendar-I use one calendar each month and write down any important dates the whole family needs to know about
    2. Hubby's Softball Schedule (so I'm actually still waiting on Curt to give me this one-but I have a spot for it!
    3. Hubby's School Schedule
    4. Tot school schedule
    5. My Cleaning schedule
    6. My Morning and Evening Routine
    7. Before I bought my mini dry erase board I also kept my 6 list here.
  2. Menu (2nd Tab)
    1. Monthly plan-I only buy groceries once a month so at the end of each month i'll make a menu for the next month on the second monthly calendar I've printed.  I'll place this in the pocket tab.  I don't stick to this to the exact day but we do usually end up eating these meals sometime during the month!
    2. Sheet protector-If I run across a recipe I want to try then I'll stick it in this sheet protector until I get a chance to try it out. If it's a keeper then I'll move it to my recipe binder.
    3. Notebook paper-for my grocery list
  3. Tot School - (3rd Tab)
    1. Monthly calendar-my 3rd and final monthly calendar I print with an overview of our weekly theme.
    2. In the pocket tab I'll also place ideas I see from magazines, blogs, etc.
    3. Notebook paper- for more detailed plans and ideas
  4. Budget/Finances - (4th Tab)
    1. Sheet protector-When we get the couple of bills we have to pay by snail mail I'll place them in this sheet protector until we pay them
    2. Monthly Budget
    3. Notebook paper-for keeping track of how much we actually spend each month on things that aren't set amounts (gas, groceries, etc).  I'll then total these sheets to see when we've reached our budget.
  5. Inspirational- (5th Tab)   All I have on this section is the pocket tab and notebook paper.  I use this to write down quotes I like, scriptures, my goals and resolutions, a list of books I hope to read, etc. 
  6. Crafts - (6th Tab)
         I have the pocket tab, a sheet protector and notebook paper in this section. If I see something online or in a magazine I want to try to make then I'll place it in this section. I also use it to make lists of materials I need for the crafts.
  7. Projects - (7th Tab) This section also just consists of notebook paper and I use it to plan and organize any "projects" I have going on. For example the tea party we organized around Valentine's Day.  Right now I also have a couple pages on 31 Days, nursery,  and a few other things I'm working on!
Depending on your home and tasks you may need different categories so customize yours and make it work for you!  

So that's a couple ways I stay organized around the home!  Heave you found anything that's made managing your home simpler?? Please share!!!

*By the way, if you haven't already purchased 31 Days to Clean you can get the PDF version 50% off with code SPRING! 

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