Tuesday, March 6, 2012

March Resolutions

Hello March!  I'm a few days behind on this since we were out of town the end of last week but here goes...

I only had two February resolutions and they were:

  1. Helping my Mom and Sister Host a Tea Party for the Ladies at Church:  Check!  We had a great time both planning it and then attending the tea party.  I actually wrote a blog on it at the beginning of the month. "Miss Priss" and I also had a tea party on Valentine's Day which was also a lot of fun!
  2. Set up Nursery (and deciding on a name would be a plus too!):  Not exactly a check but I have made progress!  There is furniture in the nursery and the bedding is being made.  I was hopign to be able to post a nice picture for everyone to see but maybe soon.  As far as a name, we have narrowed it down too but still not sure enough to announce it yet :)

So here are my Goals/Resolutions for March:

  1. Finish Nursery
  2. Finish 31 Days to Clean which will also mean my Spring Cleaning will be done!
  3. Be Revived!  Revivals have officially started in the Association in which my church is a part of and I'm hoping to be able to attend not only ours but several others.  I also hope to be able to get out and visit and really get a burden and desire to see others accept Christ as their Savior! 
  4. Sharecrop - I was hoping to have a small garden of my own this year but since I'm expecting a new baby in just a month it seems a bit to tackle on my own even on a small scale.  So instead my brother-in-law has been kind enough to lend me part of his garden (where the soil is already ready) to plant a few things such as lettuce, peppers, cucumbers, and tomatoes.  I hope by the end of May to enjoy a fresh salad!  "Miss Priss" loves salad so I'm hoping this is something we can work on and enjoy even after her new baby sister comes. 
So there are my March resolutions.  I'll let you know how it all goes!

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