Saturday, March 10, 2012

Tot School: Dr.Seuss

The last two weeks of Tot School have been very laid back.  I’ve realized that time with just “Miss Priss” and I is quickly coming to an end as we get closer and closer to her baby sister arriving.  So instead of so many planned activities we’ve spent a lot of time just playing.  She’s CONSTANTLY asking “Mommy will you play with me?”  At this age not only is it important for them to still be able to play but they can learn just as much from playing as a structured activity.  She’s all into her dolls and dollhouse right now, as well as her kitchen.   As we “play” she’s still constantly learning new vocabulary, colors, counting, motor skills, etc.

We have done a few activities these last two weeks to celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday.  She loves Tot School too and often asks to do it so I usually try to have something ready!  We spent a couple days doing activities on The Cat in the Hat and then a couple days on One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish Blue Fish.

Table Time:
  1. Made Cat in the Hat hats
  2. Decorated a hat for the Cat- Simply gave them a sheet with the cat with a blank hat and they painted and added stickers to decorate it
  3. Play-dough- created a birthday cake with candles for Dr. Seuss’ birthday

Floor Time:

  1. Practiced Balancing Things Like the Cat – Used blocks several times to see how high we could stack them without them falling.  We usually didn’t make it very far as it was more fun to knock them down than build them up!
  2. Relay Balancing Race – “Miss Priss” and I had a relay race where we balanced a cup on a plate and raced from one side of the room to the other.


We never made it around to any theme related snacks :(  I had planned on doing some Cat Hat Parfaits by layering red jello and Cool Whip but never purchased the red jello!

Table Time:

  1. Traced her handprint to resemble a fish then she colored and decorated it
  2. Sorted colored goldfish
  3. Made a collage by stamping fish and using fish stickers
  4. Play-dough:  Used fish cookie cutters

Floor Time:

  1. Went fishing in the bathtub using foam fish cutouts; identified  the color of the fish
  2. I cut out some construction paper fish and placed them in a fish bowl.  Asked “Miss Priss” to find me a certain color.




Building with Blocks

Sorting/Graphing Fish

Fishing in the Bathtub

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