Monday, March 5, 2012

My Secret to Getting it “All” Done

There’s one thing I learned from 31 Days that I still do nearly every day and that’s make a “Six List”.  The Six List has been a lifesaver for me in managing the house (and in everything I do)!   There have been those moments when I felt SO overwhelmed and behind that I thought I’d never get it done!   However, one six list a day and before I knew it I was caught up!  Here are a few reasons I LOVE the Six List:

1.        It’s Simple: It only takes me about 2 minutes every night to make the list. I used to write my list on paper but then I found this dry erase board at the Dollar Tree and I’ve been using it every since (and yes it came with the marker and even a string to hang it-for $1!!) Every night I simply erase my list and create the one for the next day.  (I also keep my prayer list at the bottom of the board just as a daily reminder J)

2.       It’s Short:  Since it is only six things I almost always finish it. This makes even those big tasks manageable and gives me a sense of accomplishment!

3.       It Helps Me Stay On-Task:  It’s easy to get distracted when you’re at home all day! And some distractions are alright but some aren’t!  So having the six list in front of me all day helps me remember what I need to get done that day and stay-on-task. 

4.       It’s Efficient:   If for some reason I don’t finish a task then I move it to the next day and since I get tired of writing the same thing over and over I’m less likely to procrastinate! Instead I get it done so I can check it off!

So I challenge you to give it a shot! See if it doesn’t make your life simpler! 

How’s the challenge going for everyone else?  I must confess we were out of town Thursday and Friday so I’m a little behind myself and have some catching up to do!

For the complete history on the Six List click here.

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