Monday, March 19, 2012

Cleaning Style, "Green" Cleaning Products and More!

I 'm not sure where last week went but before I knew it the week was over and I hadn't blogged at all!  I didn't intentionally take a "blogging break" but obviously it wasn't a priority for me last week!  The good news is that I did get a lot of other things done!  Including sticking to my 31 Days to Clean.  Ok-so maybe I haven't done EVERYTHING on the EXACT day I was supposed to but I have doubled up a few days so I'm still on task!  Isn't that what Sarah Mae means by imperfection and "do something"??? 

Hopefully, at least a few of you are still with me even though I failed to blog last week!  Hang in there b/c we're already at the 1/2 way point!!

I don't know about you but something about clean windows, baseboards and ceiling fans (along with this 80 degree weather) makes me feel like Spring is here!  Living room and kitchen are completely done. The bedroom is almost done and I've gotten out a few spring/Easter decorations.  The winter quilts have been packed up and the spring bedding is out!

 If you need a little motivation then clean out your couches and see what you can find!  I found all sorts of "treasures" while vacuuming out the couches:  hair bows, ponytail holders, colored pencil, 1/2 box of cereal "Miss Priss" apparently spilled when I didn't realize it, a pearl earring, and a black necklace I've never seen before (the hubby got questioned on that one!)

Seriously, Sarah Mae has lots of tips to motivate us this week and a survey to discover our cleaning style.   My cleaning style was "supportive".   I enjoy having someone guide me and would do best with a program to teach and guide me (imagine that-another reason I'm loving this book!).   She recommends the Fly Lady for my cleaning style which I hope to check out more of soon!

Finally, I'm curious do you use any "homemade" or "green" cleaning products?  I've done a little research on this and it's amazing how you can take just a few simple household items and create cleaning supplies.  You're not smelling all the harsh chemicals, so it's better for you, the environment and it's cheaper!  For example, vinegar has become one of my favorite things to use to clean. I've always mixed it with water to clean my floors (hardwood) but I'm discovering more and more ways to use it.  One thing I'm hoping to try fairly soon is some homemade laundry detergent!  Here are a few links with some tips and tricks.  I'd love to hear yours and how this challenge is going for you!


  1. I love using vinegar! I hate all the chemicals in the other cleaning products. I am a little behind on my 31 days to clean, but I'm working on it :)

  2. I'm a little behind as well. :( With a stomach virus that worked it's way around our house for 3 weeks, and everything else that goes on, I have lost track! I plan on doing some catching up this week. :)